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As the coronavirus drama continues to unfold and the economy falls a part I’m trying to stay calm and centered while maintaining a solid supply of toilet paper. In an effort to be helpful, I’ve curated a list of quarantine-proof activities for your consideration.

Read – I am loving Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style because it’s funny and informative and we all need a brush up on grammar, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine because it’s simultaneously hilarious and shocking, Say My Name because Chanel Miller is a genius. Now might be a good time to join a virtual book club. My friend Lisa Smith is hosting one for parents here.

Watch Movies – I could watch Peanut Butter Falcon a million times. If you’re looking for a feel-good movie, do yourself a favor.

Go Outside – In Japan they call it “Forest Bathing.” Sit, lie down, walk… Turns out trees do more than make us happy. They actually boost the immune system.

Have Sex – Please be make sure to wear a face mask. They also say masturbation boosts immunity.

Grow Edibles – Or build a chicken coup. It’s all about food security right now. And you can parlay it into a science lesson for your kids.

Do Yoga – Lots of yoga studios in your area are moving online. Support them. If you don’t already have studio, try an app like Yoga Studio.

Cycle – I am one of the privileged to own a Peloton. But it would probably be better for me and the fam to get out on our bikes.

Play Tennis – The weather is getting better. Use those outdoor courts!

Cook or Bake – Try some new recipes or a different style of cooking. My birthday is coming up. I’m going to attempt to bake myself a chocolate cake.

Drink Coffee – I love espresso but my machine is in the shop. So I’m trying to get used to drip again. It’s cheaper and less wasteful. I’m using Super Creamer to jazz things up.

Diffuse Essential Oils – There are blends like OnGuard that boost immunity. I used this oil to make my own hand sanitizer (if you can’t find aloe, use a plant. If you can’t find rubbing alcohol, I hear Everclear will work as long as it’s the highest proof) . But I’m diffusing like crazy. Pretty much any oil that makes me feel better. My favorites are blends with lavender or patchouli.

Play Games – We are loving the card game “Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza.” Fun for all ages. Requires lots of practice focusing. We also love Telestrations. It’s a hilarious combination of charades and Pictionary.

Play Ping pong – This thing attaches right to our dining room table and works just like the real thing. The five of us are playing “King of the Court.” One player starts out as the “king” (or queen) and the player on the other side has to win two points to replace them. If they lose a point, the next player in line gets a turn.

Write – I keep working towards 1000 words a day, pandemic or not.

Start Something New – Check out this TED talk and get inspired. I’m still deciding what to do here.

Knit – It’s high time I get out my pot holder patterns again. This is my favorite. And virtual knit nights are a thing.

Give Yourself a Manicure – It might take a few more weeks of quarantine for me to get inspired to do this but I do pledge to clip my toenails.

Smell or Plant Flowers – It’s Spring ya’ll. Flowers have not been cancelled.

Play Music –  Rita Wilson put together a quarantine playlist. You can get it here. If you know how to play, try giving virtual performance. If you’re a music teacher, offer lessons online.

Dance – There are all kinds of dance moves happening on Tic Tok. I would never know this if I didn’t have twelve-year-old and a nine-year-old girls in the house. I see the formation of a mother daughter dance troop in my future. Virtual performances to follow.

Call, Text or Zoom with Friends – I’ve got a zoom call on the calendar with my friend and astrologer Dena DeCastro (she can do virtual readings btw). If you text them, try sending them a funny meme. My sister sent this to me this am:

Organize Your Messy Closet – My friend and stylist Estelle Winsett is hosting a free virtual event. Check it out here.

Give blood – Red Cross is reporting a severe shortage of blood due to the Coronavirus. I’m a universal donor (O-) so I’ve already set up an appointment. (Bringing my hand sani.) You can set up an appointment here.

Meditate – My all-time favorite course on meditation is called Become A Modern Master with Deborah King through Mind Valley. My husband likes the Waking Up App with Sam Harris who, by the way, is offering the app for free for anyone dealing with financial hardship these days.

Snuggle your Kids or Animals – It will make you feel better too.