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Former approval addict turned self-love sensation. I make the world a better place by telling the truth… in public. No apologies.

Because I believe the less I hide, the less you hide. And all of this un-hiding makes the world a better place.

Oh and I made up a word — Vulnerability Blooper.

You know those bloopers they show after movies?

So funny, right?

Well my life (and maybe yours too) has produced many bloopers. AKA things that don’t go the way I expected them to. And I’ve been taking that shit way too seriously.

The bloopers I commit the most are the ones born out of fear of vulnerability.

Vulnerability (as defined by Amy): a fear of being exposed to pain (physical or emotional) or the fear of someone you love being exposed to pain.

Vulnerability bloopers… Wanting to avoid feeling vulnerable. It’s why I used to drink to get through parties. It’s why I spent most of my life trying to appear “perfect.” It’s why I still catch myself, on occasion, irrationally worrying about my kids.

It’s all a contorted attempt at control of the uncontrollable – vulnerability. And this behavior often goes south for me in hilarious ways.

So I write about all that. And laugh about it. Or make you laugh about it. (If you’re not laughing with me, you’re laughing at me… and I’m ok with that.)

And in the process of all that laughing, we will grow a little more accepting, a little more compassionate, a little more forgiving… of ourselves and of others. That’s my master plan at least.


More about me…

I love working with women on a mission – women who want to make the world a better place in a way only they can – live bigger, louder and without apology.

I’m a happily married (26 years!) mother of three. I live in Ashland, Oregon where I grow my own vegetables, and aspire to raise chickens and keep bees.

I am multi-passionate to the core. I love to read, write, learn languages, travel, spend time in nature, practice astrology, play tennis and acquire other new, often unexpected hobbies at random and without warning.

I write about all my interests – not just the life coachy ones – on the blog.

And, last but certainly not least, I’m working on a memoir called Forgiving Amy.