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Not sorry.

Last week I emailed a few of my favorite clients from the past to invite them to join me for group coaching.

Some of them hadn’t heard from me in a few years.


Yesterday I heard back from one of them… She said she wasn’t sure it was actually me. She said my email sounded like it might have been a form letter or something my assistant was sending out.

My first response?


These were some of my favorite clients! Now they probably all thought I was spamming them.

My first instinct was go back and email all of them again apologizing and assuring them that it was actually me reaching out.

I started to perseverate.

I am not new to the act of perseveration.

(Thank you Laurie for teaching me this word.)

It means to repeat or prolong an action, thought, or utterance after the stimulus that prompted it has ceased.

Perfect. Word.

Then I was hit with a wave of relief, a beautiful awareness, really…

… of my own value.

I understood that the group I was putting together was incredibly valuable. That my experience, my perspective, my skills, what I had to share was incredibly valuable. That I was reaching out as a favor to these ladies.

That, yes, I absolutely could have worded the message better so it didn’t sound like a form letter because that sucks, and yet I also understood that I was reaching out to them AS A FAVOR. That they would be lucky to join me in this group.

That they could say yes or they could say no but what they did with or thought of the invitation was none of my concern.

And I realized something else pretty special — the old me would have emailed them back all apologetic… Like I did something wrong.

But the me of this moment knows her power and the value she brings to the world.

And so I stopped perseverating. And I sat, proudly, in my own fucking power.

That is self love.
That is forgiveness.
That is an example of owning it.

So many more examples to come.

Believe in yourself today my friend. Your experience. Your perspective. Your skills… What you have to offer is so incredibly valuable. Own it.