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How do we heal?

It’s crazy when you think about it… this human experience. We are born with a heart wide open into a body that feels everything. We come from love. We are love. We know unity.

So, at birth, that’s pretty much what we expect to experience…

Some of us land into safe, loving, supportive families. Many of us do not. Either way, we all face utter overwhelm by all the feelings, all the separation, all the loneliness, all the unpredictability… what the actual #$*&^ is all this pain???

What do you do when you have an open heart and zero tools to make sense of any of it. We don’t understand why Mom left us alone. We just feel the loneliness. We don’t understand why Dad yelled. We just experience the fear. We don’t know why its so bright, so loud, so painful. We just endure it through these five senses.

So it makes complete sense that we do whatever we can to cope. We find ways to manipulate and control our environment to experience less pain, emotional and physical. And day by day, year by year, these patterns calcify.

We turn into adults running off programs established by the earliest versions of ourselves when we were too young to know better.

We are literally running off the coping strategies of a heart broken toddler.

A grown up, utterly convinced of our own unlovability because the earliest version was told that Dad didn’t have the time or energy to help us with our homework. So we exhaust ourselves trying to meet the needs of everyone around us, crippled by the feeling of with resentment when we don’t feel reciprocated (which is most of the time).

Or a grown up incapable of seeing ourselves as special, beautiful, or worthy because the earliest version of us experienced a great and shocking loss and that version was too young to understand that it wasn’t our fault. And now we cannot let love in because the five year old in us still blames herself for something she had absolutely no hand in.

Or a grown up who doesn’t rest, physically ill with exhaustion, because the earliest version was sent away, maybe to boarding school or to live with another caretaker, whose nervous system was inundated by a tsunami of confusion and fear, that morphed into an adult who must endlessly control, people, circumstances, life, all to ensure the eight year old inside will never again have to experience that tsunami again.

Ironically, much of these early programs are hidden from the adult version of us. We just see the ramifications. The wanting to numb out, the perfectionism, the resentment, the exhaustion, the physical imbalances. Behaviors that we just can’t seem to shift — which leads into more self loathing, hopelessness and disappointment.

So how do we heal?

Here’s the formula…

Curiosity + Awareness + Love + Understanding

I want to invite you to a free workshop next Wednesday. I’ll be sharing a healing modality called Dream Alchemy that will help uncover your earliest misconceptions that fuel your current day drama… the loneliness, the anxiety, the numbing, the overeating, whatever it is that you do today that you don’t like but you just can’t seem to shift.

All you have to do is start with curiosity and know that there’s nothing wrong with you. You just haven’t gone deep enough to land on the awareness that will lead you into self love and understanding.

Dreams are a direct line to your higher self — the version of you that knows your life purpose, your gifts and how you are meant to express them in the world. By working inside your dreams, you can and will heal. Because your higher self knows that you are here for so much more. You are here to be YOU, no apologies. To laugh. To learn. To share. To experience joy.

Your higher self will show you, through your dreams, what is holding you back from the life you are meant to have.

I can’t wait to share this powerful work with you that I call Dream Alchemy.

I’m going to share my own journey. What I learned about myself and how that helped me to finally shift behavioral patterns that I had almost given up on.

I am happier than ever. I am living in flow. I am learning how to live from a place of trust and joy and because of this I am magnetic to all that aligns with the most powerful version of me.

Here’s the link to sign up:



P.S. If you missed my conversation with Sarah Brassard, here’s the replay.

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