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My latest obsessions…what’s yours?

As a multi-passionate person with a Gemini rising, I’m into a lot of things and it changes on month by month, sometimes day by day, hour by hour basis, lol. But these are a few of my most recent obsessions… In no particular order.

Internal Family Systems

Such a fantastic healing modality to learn about yourself, your triggers, your patterns, where you are still being controlled by your wounded inner child. Try Self Therapy by Jay Earley. There’s also a workbook. I bought that super nerdy magnetic annotation set from Achievers Must.

The Writual Planner

I love planners but I manage most of my tasks on google calendar nowadays. This one is more about tracking moods, gratitude, goals, etc. And it integrates Tarot — I pull a card every day anyway so now I can use fun little Tarot stickers to track the cards a pull. Check out their planners here.


This is a fun app for tracking dreams. I love that you can tag people and themes and add other notes. So if I want to do a search for all the dreams I’ve ever had with my dog in them, I can. I like to use it to keep track of the dreams I’ve had during certain healing modalities too. Search for it in your app store.

The Workout Witch

Check out these somatic healing courses for people who want to explore gentle ways to free stuck energy in the body.

Face yoga

Here’s an interesting new thing I’m trying because I wanna look younger without medical intervention. I’ll know it’s working when they start asking for my ID again ha ha.

Birth Wound Healing

I’m loving this course with the very talented Janise Stoliarova. It’s for people like me who had trauma coming into the world at or around the time of their birth.

Anne Tucker on YouTube

Every Friday Anne offers a channeled reading from the Angelic realm. These days it has been all about the current shift in human consciousness and how that will impact us here on planet Earth. I also work as one of Anne’s dream analysts for her healing course, Soul Convergence.

What’s your latest obsession? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment!!

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