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I have a close family member (who shall remain nameless) who is a master of what I call the “dead zinger.”

What is a “dead zinger,” you ask?

A “dead zinger” is an insult that goes so low it zings you every time you think about it, even years later.

I remember once this individual said to me,

“Amy, you only hang around people who worship you.”


He may as well have kicked me in the shin.

Another time he said, “Amy, your husband is a saint for putting up with you so many years.”

See what I mean?

His “dead zingers” would torment me for weeks and weeks and zing me whenever the insult entered fresh into my psyche.

Got anyone like this in your life?

Well here’s a handy trick to diffuse the power of a “dead zinger.”

It’s a kind of mental jujitsu.

“Ju” means to yield. “Jitsu” roughly translates to “the art of.”

The art of yielding.

Defeat your enemy by yielding to them.

After all, striking back consumes energy, especially if your opponent has a full suit of armor and you don’t.

(We introverts, empaths and sensitives feel this way, don’t we?)

Here’s what you do. When someone insults you, look for the truth in it.

I know? Bonkers right?

Maybe… Or perhaps you are buying to the cultural myth of perfectionism that says we are not allowed to make mistakes or be fucking human. Ahem.

Take me as an example.

The first “dead zinger” was…

“Amy, you only hang around people who worship you.”

Now this zinger is nearly 30 years old. I received it when I was in my early twenties.

It zung (is that the correct construction?) me for years, but not anymore.

Here’s why…

I found the truth in it. Yeah sometimes I did want to hang around people who worshipped me. I mean, who wouldn’t?  It made me feel important. And I spent many years as a child feeling completely invisible. It was a coping method.

I am a whole human being which means sometimes I seek significance. Even today (gasp). I forgive myself.

The second “dead zinger”…

“Your husband is a saint for putting up with you this many years.”

It no longer zings me either.

Because… duh.

He is  a saint for putting up with me this many years.

I’m a hand full sometimes.

But I have plenty of good qualities too – because I am a whole human being.

We are lucky to have each other.

This, my friend, is the art of self-forgiveness.

One of the benefits is freedom from “dead zingers.”

Freedom from that sick feeling in your stomach, or the time spent in perseveration, or the energy wasted thinking of clever things to say back to your enemy (that you never think of right away anyhow).

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