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Scrolling. Scrolling. Scrolling.

“Oh there’s Brooke Castillo. She’s so smart. What’s she selling? Oh she’s talking about relationships. I better watch this.”

“Oh shit. This is good. She’s so smart. I never thought about it that way. I better tag my husband.”

“Oh look there. She has a membership. What’s that about? $297 a month huh. Yikes. I’ve heard it’s good. I’m sure it is. Maybe I’ll join. But first the laundry.”

1 Week Later

Scrolling. Scrolling. Scrolling.

“Oh look it’s Brooke again. Sponsored ad. I really need to figure out how to do Facebook ads… What’s she talking about this time? Worrying. Ok well it’s Christmas and I’m anxious. I better watch. Hmm. She always makes me think, that Brooke Castillo. Maybe I should join her thing. $297 a month. I really need a mentor. This would be a pretty affordable way to get some coaching… But first dinner.”

1 Week Later

Scrolling. Scrolling. Scrolling.

“There’s Brooke again. I wonder if I’m getting more Brooke ads because I keep clicking on Brooke ads…? What’s she talking about this time? Something about time management. Keeping appointments to yourself. There’s a whole module about that inside her program. I could use that. But when am I going to set the time aside to go through her module? The irony. More laundry.”

A Few Days Later

“What’s this? An email from Brooke. I thought yesterday was the final day to join…

She hit 20 million in sales.  What? The? Fuck? Did I read that right? Is that a typo… No?

Oh snap. Her order form is still up. This must be a sign.

Where’s my credit card…”


Oh shit.

Now you’ve done it.

You spend too much money.

You know Brooke’s model!

You could have just listened to her podcast!

But now you can check out her program… in case you want to build something like this some day.

And she always surprises you with new perspectives! Which is difficult to do.

It’s done.

If you hate it, you can cancel next month.