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Want to teach your kids to be kind? Show yourself kindness.
Want to teach your kids to have compassion? Show yourself compassion.
Want to teach your kids to be resilient? Offer yourself forgiveness.


This is my parenting strategy.

I may not be raising world class athletes or future nobel laureates or concert pianists. Or maybe I am…And two out of three still don’t pick up their shoes, ever!!! But I am raising kids who are kind, compassionate and resilient. Across the board.

When you are kind, compassionate and forgiving to yourself, your kids, because they do what you do and not what you say… are more likely to:

Look in the mirror and smile at what they see.
Give themselves a hug when they are feeling sad.
Tell themselves, “it’s okay to be sad.”
Try again. And again and again.
Celebrate another’s sibling or friend’s achievement.
Know that it’s not possible to be perfect and that isn’t the goal anyway.
Stand up for a kid instead of going with the crowd.
Offer a seat to someone feeling alone.
Say no when it’s the right thing to do.
Look for ways to make the world a better place.
Forgive themselves when they make the wrong choice.
Learn from the mistakes, then try again, another way.

You are an energy leader and their greatest teacher.

Be the change.