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I hate discomfort.

We all do, right?

And unfortunately, if I’m honest, I find a lot about the human experience straight up uncomfortable.

Dealing with people… yikes.

The aging process…no thank you.

Getting out of bed in the morning… I don’t wanna.

There are so many things… exercise, customer service calls, dental work, the messy rooms of my offspring, chronic self doubt, bad drivers, negative feedback, death.

I know, I know… I am being a Debbie Downer.

But I have a point.

In the past, my go-to for dealing with discomfort has been to find ever more creative mechanisms to avoid it.

Dealing with people? Get the husband to call customer service in my stead.

The aging process? Botox. Duh.

Getting out of bed in the morning? That’s what snooze is for.

In other words, avoidance. That might look like a lot of things. It could look like denial, projection, blame. It could look like numbing out via shopping, TV, sugar.  It could look like procrastination, overwork or taking on ever more projects. And of course, it can look like people pleasing.

As I heal, my attitude towards discomfort has morphed into one of acceptance and, if you can believe it, even appreciation.

Uncomfortable things, when confronted, can often lead to amazing variations of human evolution — self love, inner peace, increased productivity and focus, clarity, even better sex!.

Uncomfortable things, when avoided, can often lead to stuff like overspending, marital and relationship discord, road rage, weight gain and any number of other bad things.

So this year, I vow to go even deeper into the discomfort of this human shit show experience.

I’m going to sit with my anxiety, my fear, my anger, my shame and really let myself go there, feel it, journal about it, question it, devour it.

I’m going to accept that some things are just hard, some people are just rude, a lot of kids don’t wanna to keep a tidy room, and I’m going to pick my battles or just let that shit go.

I’m going to get curious about my triggers instead of denying they exist or blaming other people for causing them.

I’m going expect good things to come out of the hardships I endure.

I’m going to step into icy cold showers, on purpose.

Get up in the morning even when I’d rather hit snooze.

I’m going to do something every day that makes me squirm with discomfort.

So can you guess my word for the year?



So along those lines…

One of the things that has made me squirm with discomfort the past few years is being seen on social media (long story for another blog post). So in honor of my pledge, I’ll be appearing live on YouTube for a conversation with the fabulous Tiffany Hill Cook to talk about things like my struggle with approval addiction, addiction in general, generational trauma, spirituality, dream work and who knows what else, I just know it’s going to be juicy.

It’s this Sunday morning at 10 am Pacific. You can watch it live or catch the replay here. (Sweat is literally pouring down my armpits right now as I write this.)

I sure hope to see you there!

Since we’re on the subject, what’s your word for 2024 if you have one?