You’re a coach, you love what you do and you know you finally found your thing, BUT deep down, you worry you might not be able to figure out how to make it work…

Newsflash: You really can succeed as a coach.
You just need to grow your confidence and your courage muscle.
(+ understand a few key biz basics).

Dear Hopeful Coach,



Just out of coach training and up at night worrying your skeptical loved ones might be right when they say, “You can’t actually make money as a coach!”?


A coach who’s been at it for a while and you’re sick of your business being an “expensive hobby?”


Teeter tottering between feeling READY to build a successful practice and STUCK when you see all the other coaches out there?


Kicking yourself for all the money you spent on coach training without having a clue about how to grow an actual coaching business?


Wishing you had regular access to a mentor you feel safe around who knows the tools AND how to grow a successful biz.

Been there done that! I know how it feels. For years, my coaching practice was an “expensive hobby.” Here’s Why….


I was spending tens of thousands of dollars on different coaches and mentors to help me get over my fears, improve my skills and figure out how to build my business from the ground up. 

The catch 22?  All that money on support is a big reason I struggled to be profitable.

And Two…

Over the years, I was putting my precious time and energy into the wrong places… just because I saw everyone else doing the same things. (I call it marketing darts.)

All that time playing “marketing darts” made me *feel* like I was working in my business but I was really just avoiding the scary stuff I needed to do to actually get results.

After All…

Selling your services STARTS with feeling confident about what you can do

Non vanilla content that get attention requires letting people see the real you

Making sales means actually talking to REAL people and asking for what you’re worth (but how do you do that when you’re still stuck wondering if your coaching is good enough?!)

Filling a coaching program means actually knowing what you want to offer then shouting it from the rooftops – (but what if they roll their eyes and say “just who does she think she is?”)

And the truth is we all need support because that shit’s scary AND that kind of support isn’t always available at the right price point when you’re still figuring out how to be profitable…

Let me ask you this…

Are you an amazing coach feeling stuck and scared you might never be able to turn your practice into an actual business?

As a coach mentor, I see soooooo many coaches who took a giant leap of faith in themselves to invest in coach training, become a biz owner, and boldly move towards their dreams who are giving up too quickly or (thinking about giving up).

And it breaks my heart because the world needs your unique magic now more than ever.

I want to help you move forward in your coaching practice with CONFIDENCE, COURAGE and CLARITY at a price you can afford!

Because let’s be real…

Sometimes you just need a little help to get your coaching biz off the ground – a monthly pep talk, someone to bounce some ideas off of, a little more practice with a tool– AND SOMETIMES YOU NEED A LOT (hey, no judgment!).  

I’m here for all of it  (and everything in between).


Good News! You really can help people AND make a great living, too.



Waking up excited to work with amazing clients who gratefully pay you top dollar


Feeling confident that you’re helping people by doing your unique thing in the world in a way only you can


Having the peace of mind that you are taking the right steps at the right time to build a successful practice


Having the business skills you need to keep growing your practice — like knowing how to have authentic sales conversations that leave each side feeling great no matter the outcome


Proving the doubters (aka your skeptical family members) wrong by showing them you really CAN make money as a coach!


Coaching support at the level that’s right for you:

Tier One

For coaches who want monthly inspiration, guidance and support

$50 month


  • 90 minute monthly group Q + A with Amy (Get support and inspiration on all things coaching: tools, challenges, business building, etc.)
  • Bonuses TBA

Tier Two

For coaches who want monthly inspiration, guidance and support + coaching practice

$100 month


 Everything in Tier One, PLUS…

  • Tool Spotlight
  •  Coaching Gym 
  • Bonuses TBA

Tier Three

For coaches who want monthly inspiration, guidance and support + coaching practice + expert biz support exclusively for coaches

$250 month


Everything in Tiers One and Two, PLUS…

  • Monetize Your Magic Teaching Call
  • Monthly Biz Support Q + A Call
  • Handouts and Done-For-You-Worksheets and Resources
  • Bonuses TBA

Tier Four

For coaches who want monthly inspiration, guidance and support + coaching practice + expert biz support exclusively for coaches + 1:1 COACHING (LIMITED TO 5 COACHES)

$500 month


Everything in Tiers One, Two and Three, Plus…

  • Monthly 1:1 Session (60 minutes)
  • Recorded Session Review (after 3 months)
  • VIP Half Day (after 6 months)

*1:1’s must be used that month and do not roll over

Tier Five

For coaches who want monthly inspiration, guidance and support + coaching practice + expert biz support exclusively for coaches + 1:1 COACHING (LIMITED TO 2 COACHES)

$1000 month


Everything in Tiers One, Two and Three, + Four Plus…

  • Twice Monthly 1:1 Sessions (60 minutes)
  • Recorded Session Review (after 3 months)
  • VIP Full Day (after 6 months)

*1:1’s must be used that month and do not roll over

Get the support you need to be the best coach you can be while growing your dream biz.

Just click the JOIN NOW button to be taken to Patreon where you can choose the tier that’s right for you! Once you subscribe, you’ll get an email with the schedule plus access to your membership area.

“Amy is so helpful in busting through all the doubt and fear and overwhelm that creating a new business can bring up.”

Working with Amy helped me build the confidence and courage I needed to “truly” be open for business instead of just talking about and hoping to have a coaching practice. Amy has a wealth of knowledge to share and her expertise has been invaluable. Plus, she’s a blast to work with. Expect tears, laughter, incredible insights, and breakthroughs. You, your business, and your peeps will be eternally grateful.

– Michelle Reinhardt

Wait! That's not all

I’ll be throwing in the occasional surprise because why not? Here are a few examples:


Goal Setting for Coaches” ($97 value)

For Tier 1 members and above… Good news! Somebody smart once said, “You can’t get what you want until you know what you want.” In this resource, Amy will share powerful techniques, strategy and wisdom around goal setting, the what, when, why and how so that you can keep hitting those milestones all the way to square four. This bonus comes with a workbook, a one hour audio class and an action challenge.


“Lizard Lounge Group Coaching” ($500 Value)

For Tier 2 members and above… Want to get some coaching or see a master coach in action. Every few months, I’ll announce a bonus group coaching session for Tier 2 members and above where you’ll have the opportunity to get coached or receive “coaching by osmosis” when I coach one of your colleagues on a limiting thought. I’ll choose a few clients each session who need support around topics that many in the group will relate to. Lizard lounge (“Lizard” is a reference to thoughts that come from the reptilian part of the brain that typically anchor us into fear or shame or other low vibe ways of being) is one of my favorite ways to improve my mindset, sharpen my coaching skills and live it to give it.


“BRAZEN Conversations” ($797 Value)

For Tier 3 members and above… ALL of my sales secrets accumulated after years of trial and error and studying with some of the best sales coaches in the industry, combined into one ebook! SALES is hands down the most lucrative skill set to make money as a coach. The good news is ANYONE can learn it. In this ebook and supplemental audio, I teach you how to “do” sales from a place of service and authenticity so that even the “No’s” are grateful to have had the chance to connect with you.

When? Where?

I’ll be hosting members of North Star Coach Mentoring over at Patreon which is a membership platform for content creators. Our group events will happen mostly via zoom. If you aren’t able to make them live, they will be recorded and posted to the Patreon membership site. This is where archived content will live along with bonus content, worksheets, and other done-for-you materials. Access depends on your level of membership. Once you choose a tier and join, you’ll receive access to the membership site and a schedule of content. Each month a new schedule will be posted to accommodate individuals from all parts of the world.

Here's a sample month in NORTH STAR COACH MENTORING

North Star Coach Mentoring Sample 1 Month Schedule

To accommodate coaches located in different time zones and locations around the world, the schedule will vary. All live content will be recorded and posted to Patreon along with supplemental handouts and resources. Programming will be announced the first of each month.


90 Min Q + A (All levels)

Every month I’ll hop on zoom to answer any of your coaching questions. Maybe you had a tricky coaching situation and you want my take. Or maybe you need some advice on the next move in your business. Or maybe you can’t figure out why you struggled to get your client to go into that metaphor tool… Or maybe you just need a pep talk. I’ve got you. 


Rock Star Coach Inspo… I bet you didn’t think you could grow a six figure coaching practice doing that!? Well you can. I’m going to highlight coaches from all walks of life to inspire you to believe that anything is possible when it comes to your coaching practice. 

Tier 2 WEEK 2 (Includes access to everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2)

Spotlight on The Work

The Work by Byron Katie is one of THE most powerful tools for coaching clients stuck in limiting thoughts. And yet, many coaches struggle to use this tool effectively. I’m going to show you, based on my over thirteen years of experience, how to approach this tool for maximum results.


Let’s get together and build your confidence and your courage muscle by practicing The Work in a fun and supportive group session. I’ll give you tips and encouragement so you can take your coaching skills to the next level.


Contrary to popular belief Courage is a teachable, learnable skill

Courageous acts boil down to 3 key areas…

TRY Courage: The courage of initiative and action— making first attempts, pursuing pioneering efforts and stepping up to the plate

TRUST Courage: The courage of confidence in others— letting go of the need to control situations or outcomes, having faith in people and being open to direction and change

TELL Courage: The courage of voice— sharing your truth, raising difficult issues, providing tough feedback and sharing unpopular opinions

When you join Amy, you are going to grow your courage muscle in all 3 of these while growing your business one step at a time in this totally fun, unlike anything else, mentoring program.

Which Tier do you choose?
Depends on your budget and how fast you want to fly!

Tier 3 WEEK 3 (Includes access to everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2)

Uncover Your Mind Clutter Part 1: How to Think About Sales

It’s all about your  inner game and your outer game. We’ll dive deeper into your  inner game (aka your mind clutter)  to zap the doubt and fear about sales for good so we can move into outer work — You’ll understand the exact strategy that six figure plus coaches use to build their practices. You’ll take inventory of the skills, deliverables and support you’ll need to do it too. You’ll leave with a clear strategy and the success mindset you’ll need to stay in forward momentum especially when it’s scary.

Sales Q + A Support Call

Bring all your questions about doing sales from a place of authenticity because nothing is off the table when it comes to doing this core biz skill well. Got other biz questions? Bring them. This is your once a month business strategy and support group coaching call with Amy (and other surprise guests on occasion).


“My average monthly revenue was $850 prior to Monetize Your Magic. After 2 months in the program, my revenue is more than $15,000!”

– Sharon Pope

Who Am I + Why Am I Here?

  1. I’m not an overnight success story. I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into my coaching practice – Let’s just say I spent a lot of time writing business plans, thinking about a niche and rehashing my ideal client avatar.  But none of them helped until I started taking risks and learning the right combination of strategies to take when. I’ll share with you what actually worked (and what didn’t!) so you don’t have to waste time, money and heartbreak like I did.
  2. I’ve got 3, count them, 3 kids (plus a dog, two cats and five chickens) which means… I don’t have time to waste. I have very little extra time to work on my business. It’s forced me to learn how to leverage, leverage, leverage. I know the strategies that deliver the biggest bang for your buck FAST and I’m going to share them with you!
  3. I’m a spiritual guide. As a dream analyst I’ve learned a lot about my spiritual purpose and one thing that comes through loud and clear: I am meant to be a spiritual guide to other spiritual guides. If you’re a coach, that’s you. Which makes complete sense because nothing brings me more fulfillment and joy then to help life coaches succeed. I’ll be offering you everything I’ve got to help you grow your business, but I’ll also be laser focused on helping you grow in other ways, whether that’s your coaching skillz, your confidence, or your mindset. Because it’s not just about making money. It’s about raising your consciousness so you can assist humanity in doing the same.

“I could not have asked for a better mentor than Amy.”

She zeroed in on exactly what I needed to do to take my coaching business to the next level. She was so generous in sharing her knowledge and helped me create a clear business strategy, bring laser-focus to my marketing efforts, and understand how to build a thriving practice through lead generation, sales techniques, etc. Plus, she’s a lot of fun to work with! A great investment, for sure.

– Jennifer Faherty

Ready to Join?

Get the support you need to be the best coach you can be while growing your dream biz.

Just click the JOIN NOW button to be taken to Patreon where you can choose the tier that’s right for you! Once you subscribe, you’ll get an email with the schedule plus access to your membership area.


What if I’m not sure which Tier to join?

Feel free to email me to set up a time to chat. I’m happy to help.

What the heck is Monetize Your Magic?

Monetize Your Magic ia a business program created by Amy for coaches. It is a clear plan of action to assist coaches in getting results right away + lay the foundation for long-term biz success. It’s EXACTLY what to do, when, to build a sustainable coaching practice. We won’t be talking about the usual stuff (websites, niches and client avatars) that you see in all those other extremely expensive generic biz building programs. Think long-term strategy to set the foundation for ongoing success + a short-term plan of action for income right away! Each month, I’ll be dripping out key content from each module. Here are the modules…


Module 1: Understanding the BIG Picture + Sorting Through the Mind Clutter

  • The 6 figure business building blueprint
  • What NOT to do in your biz until you actually start making money
  • The biggest mistake coaches make in their first few years of business that costs them time, money and heartache
  • How to establish work habits that really work
  • My secrets for getting things done no matter what

Module 2: Asking for Money 

  • How to think about sales so you can actually make sales
  • Exactly what to do when someone wants to talk to you about coaching
  • How to have a conversation about sales that delivers value no matter what the outcome
  • The 7 essential sales phrases for sales

Module 3: Getting Clients (aka Lead Generation)

  • The top 10 ways to find new clients
  • Short term and long term approaches to lead gen and why they both matter
  • Creating a lead generation system that feels good to you
  • How to use a “freebie” to generate at least 100 leads a month

Module 4: Creating a Program You Can Be Proud Of

  • Why you can’t deliver value unless you know your own value
  • The truth about what your client is really buying
  • How to establish a “know, like and trust” factor even when you don’t have a single testimonial (yet)
  • The key to getting killer testimonials to inspire your ideal client to invest

Module 5: Launching Stuff

  • The biggest reason coaches aren’t filling their programs
  • Why you cannot rely on Facebook to get clients
  • The secret to growing a list of prospects fast
  • The 5 things you must include in every preview call or talk you do

Module 6: Building Relationships with Your Tribe

  • How to identify a marketing mix that works for you
  • Pros and cons of various marketing channels
  • How to write so you don’t sound like everyone else
  • How and why to maintain a consistent editorial calendar
  • How leverage partnerships the right way to maximize your impact

Module 7: Getting the Support You Need

  • The exact kind of support you’ll need at each juncture of your biz
  • How to get help and what you need to ask for
  • Why it’s a waste of time to do it yourself (even if you know how!) 
What tools will we focus on in Tier 2?
Coaching is like a muscle. You have to use it to get stronger. We are going to focus on the core tools I teach as an instructor for the Wayfinder Life Coach Training so you can deepen the skill set in a fun, safe environment. We will also explore ways to expand on these tools using additional modalities, like how I incorporate IFS with The Work. All so you can “live it to give it” by keeping your skillz sharp.
But Amy I don’t even have a website! Can I still benefit from Tier 3?

Good lord you don’t need a website. I repeat: you don’t need one. Frankly I see too many coaches wasting time and money on websites! I don’t want you to waste another second worrying about what to say on your About page. I want to give you the tools to start making money right away, website or no website.

Can I be a part of North Star Coach Mentoring if I’m still in coach training?

Absolutely! Just keep in mind that if you are in Wayfinder Life Coach Training, I won’t be eligible to be your mentor when you go through the certification process.

How can working with Amy personally on my business pay for itself?

Let me give you a few ideas…I can go through your year long revenue plan (don’t have one of those? We need to put that together asap, my friend! ) and tell you where you need to be putting your focus and where you don’t. You’ll probably make your money back and then some in few months from all the new time we will clear up and all the focus you’ll have. I might listen to one of your sales conversations and help you make a more compelling offer. This alone was hands down the best thing I ever did for my own business. Having a seasoned sales expert tell me how to button up my conversations doubled my income. Or, I might share one of my email campaigns that made me an easy grand. Or I might help you write some copy that sounds like you and inspires your tribe to invest in your program. I might listen to your free class and give you advice you had never thought of before that MAKES your launch ($$$). I might introduce you to a joint venture partner or two who can help promote your service and build your list to the number you need to start seeing real revenue. Just a few thoughts. The possibilities are endless when I get my hands on you and your biz.

Why should I join Tier 4?

Tier 4 is for coaches who want personal accountability + hand holding + expert mindset coaching and biz support. Outside of dream work (which I highly recommend) this is the only way to work with me one on one. If you know you need to be in a better mental space to get the results you want, then I highly recommend being one of the five who invests in this level of support. And if you don’t need mindset support, I can help you with your business (see below). And, every three months, you’ll have access to my personalized feedback on one of your coaching sessions – THE number one most powerful way to improve your coaching skills.

What about Tier 5?

Tier five is everything I just said about Tier 4, plus another coaching session to use however you’d like. This is your ticket to expedited success.

What if I want to switch tiers?
You are free to switch tiers. Keep in mind that when you downgrade tiers you will no longer have access to the content in the higher tiers. (Pretty self explanatory but it had to be said.)
Can I earn continuing ed credits for my ICF credential?
Not at this time but I’m looking into it.


I remember, years ago, months after finishing coach training, I was sitting at my desk staring at a blank coaching calendar on my computer, wondering what the hell?

I was so discouraged, I considered giving up and getting a job at Starbucks or something… But the thought of that was gut wrenching because I knew in my heart of hearts that I was meant to be a coach.

It took me years, and tens of thousands of dollars, to crack the code but I finally filled my coaching calendar. I want to save you time and money (and heartache) by giving you everything I have learned over the past 13 years of growing my own coaching practice into a financially sustainable business that makes me happy and helps other people and makes the world a better place.

Quickie brag: I recently took over the monthlies while my husband – who used to wonder if coaching was a multilevel marketing scheme – relocated his job.

The world needs your special magic, now more than ever. So don’t give up. You can do this. I’ve got you. I created this program because I believe in you and I want to help you get the support you need –  without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on multiple coaches!

So what are you waiting for?  

I’ll leave you with this quote from Martha Beck:

“Even if you never go near the arts, you are creating like mad everyday, working in the medium of experience itself. Actions, objects, words, gestures—literally anything you influence by your choices becomes part of your creation. Every time you voice your thoughts to a loved one, or cook a meal, or choose a new bar of soap for the dish by your bathtub, you are creating a modification in space or time that would never have existed without you. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you have more power to create your own life than anyone or anything else.”

– MB, The Joy Diet

You have the power to create the life and the business you want.

How are you going to use it?


Jessica Vasquez

Jessica Vasquez

“I signed up 2 new clients in the very first month!”

Monetize Your Magic makes it easy to build up momentum. It’s a strategic, business approach from someone who has done what I want to do. The biggest change for me has been that I have become friends with selling.

And what was also super valuable for me were the bit-sized doable information and the challenges. It kept me focused on what was truly important.

Sarah Seidelmann

Sarah Seidelmann

“Amy is an entrepreneurial honey badger.”

While I’m standing around watching clouds roll by – she’s launched something amazing, inspired another entrepreneur to ask for what she’s worth, and sparked hundreds of people to stop worrying what everybody else is thinking- and get out there and leap. She understands the nuts and bolts of getting YOUR life’s mission monetized:). Hire her. Or fear the reaper.

And what was also super valuable for me were the bit-sized doable information and the challenges. It kept me focused on what was truly important.

Sharon Pope

Sharon Pope

“My business is in an entirely different place.”

I began to see results very quickly and after only 60 days, my revenue has increased dramatically. My average monthly revenue was $850 prior to Monetize Your Magic. After 2 months in the program, my revenue is more than $15,000! I am confident in the action I need to take to continue that growth and sustain the momentum.

If you’re a coach and you’re serious about making a living at being a coach, then get in this program. I have worked with some of the best coaches in the industry but nothing has had the direct impact on my business that Amy’s MYM program has had.

Jennifer Diepstraten

Jennifer Diepstraten

“Amy is crazy good at what she does.”

I’ve seen her continually push herself to do the uncomfortable so that she can help more people and walk the talk that she teaches. She teaches exactly what has worked in her business so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and has gotten amazing results! Over 1000 opt-ins for a preview call is just awesome!

Chantal Saba

Chantal Saba

“I’m more focused and ready to take action!”

The practical outlines have been tremendously helpful as I construct a solid groundwork for my business. I have more clarity on who I want to serve and what I can offer.

Heather Blankinship

Heather Blankinship

“Amy over delivers constantly and you are rewarded for stepping outside of your comfort zone and stretching to succeed.”

Amy’s support and wisdom has given me the courage, clarity and confidence I needed to focus on activities that truly matter. I have taken risks and shared my gifts in a way that I didn’t before. The impact I am having in people’s lives as a result is incredible. She provides the structure and tools to take your business to the next level and share your gifts in a way that feels deeply fulfilling and authentic.

Elisia Brodeur

Elisia Brodeur

“My business is starting to solidify and I have my first paying client!”

I am feeling more confident calling myself a coach and know that I have the tools and structures I need to build a great business. Amy puts all her knowledge and secret sauce into a program that not only offers incredible value but a skill set that doesn’t come with other programs.

I have a much clearer idea of how to build a thriving coaching practice. I would have been floundering otherwise. I’ve loved the small group and accountability, also that it’s OK to do it at my own pace. If you’re a beginning coach, breaking into the online world is completely daunting. Some seem to have succeeded while others can’t muster the courage to start. Amy makes it not only feel doable, but she shows you how to do what she’s done—no holds barred. She’s extremely generous with her knowledge, support, and warmth.

Patti Lynn

Patti Lynn

I’ve come a long way as far as just putting myself out there more and talking with peeps about my new biz.

Amy is awesome! She shows you the no BS nuts + bolts + nitty gritty stuff of actually being a coach.

Adrienne Masler

Adrienne Masler

“I went from “how the heck do I start a business?” to signing my first client in 3 months.”

I was starting my business from scratch when I started Monetize Your Magic. Amy helped me to get clear on my top priorities and focus on revenue generation from the beginning. If you’ve never started a business before, you really have no idea what activities will generate income and what tasks won’t. But there’s no need to waste time and money flailing around when you can get Amy’s fantastic blueprint and guidance.

Theresa Robbins

Theresa Robbins

“The class is filled with solid strategy and tactics so I know what to do on those occasions when I tell myself I don’t know what to do.”

Monetize Your Magic is like a treasure box filled with just the right elements to get any coach started making money. It gave me a cohesive overview of how marketing works and why. It is a strong foundation for making decisions and moving forward with confidence because I FINALLY get it! And Amy is an absolute gem! When I started to freak out, her coaching got me through my mind clutter and fear so I could pick up and start taking action again based on her suggestions and feedback which were right on target. I’m thrilled to be able to say that I am monetizing my magic on a whole new level!

Dianne Hill

Dianne Hill

“I am taking real action. I feel such a sense of clarity of my business and my next steps.”

I love Amy’s blueprint. It really makes sense and I’m very close to completing my first program details. I am more focused on getting business related work done. I feel empowered that I can do this work that I love so much and make a real living doing it! I have gained self-confidence that I can run a business.

I would absolutely recommend the program to others. Amy is open with her ideas of how to build a coaching business. She really cares about my success and does all she can to make sure that happens. I feel like she has my back.

Elizabeth Turner

Elizabeth Turner

“I quit my job of 10 years, set up and launched my coaching practice!”

Monetize Your Magic is about the nuts and bolts of a coaching business, not just a general business. I feel more motivated and supported thanks to the program and the support of the group. Amy supports you in getting out there and risking failure.

Kathie Marshall

Kathie Marshall

“Amy is crazy good at what she does.”

You would be the luckiest of the lucky to have her as your mentor. Actually? Go away. I want her all to myself.

Jo Robertson

Jo Robertson

“MYM has given me focus and a place of support in starting out in my business.”

I was not confident when it came to marketing but the exercises have encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and give things a go. The step-by-step challenges and program have helped me progress forward. I am now confident to talk about what I do and put myself out there. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to market yourself.

Marieke Bosch Larose

Marieke Bosch Larose

“I have more direction in how to create a program and sell and market it.”

As a result of taking Monetize Your Magic, I feel more “in control” of what I am doing. I now understand that people want to buy the transformation and not necessarily coaching. I also have a clearer idea how to “sell/market” my program.

The program is chalk-full of good information. It’s really wonderful to have Amy as a role model – “living the dream” and being so authentic and real AND teaching us how to do what she did. A “business class” for coaches, specifically, is awesome.

Patricia Perez

Patricia Perez

“Within six weeks of launching my business I secured my first VIP client that more than covered my investment in the Monetize Your Magic program.”

I DID leave my day job and career.

I feel more confident. Even when my lizard is in full swing, the tools and coaching from the program gave me the ability to detach from the outcome and own the value of my work and service. I would whole-heartedly recommend the program. This program takes everything you may have learned through various coach training or business building programs and gives you the step-by-step guide to put it all together in your own voice and offer all your own. All this with confidence, support, and coaching along the way.

Linda Bucher

Linda Bucher

“I learned how to consistently fill my practice with clients in a way that feels good and provides reliable income…”

I was ready to take my business to the next level and I could feel that I was in my own way. With Amy’s indispensable help I got really clear on the specific transformation I provide my clients, I blew through the resistance to going big and I learned how to consistently fill my practice with clients in a way that feels good and provides reliable income (I made one little tweak suggested by Amy to my consult process and enrolled a client within the same week). I know that I’ve turned the corner and big things are imminent.

Look out world! And thank you, Amy!

Stella Orange

Stella Orange

“Amy Pearson is that winning combination of great coach and savvy business brain.”

She knows the importance of the work… AND she dares other coaches to “walk their talk” and really dare to put themselves out there in their coaching businesses. What I look for in a mentor is someone who understands personal growth… but who also knows the practical steps to build a real business. Amy is that kind of mentor. We’ve all heard it said — pick the mentor who has created what you intend to create, too. What Amy has created in her business is fresh, real, funky, profitable, and inspired. What coach wouldn’t want to create that, too?!

Jess Ryan

Jess Ryan

“The program has laser beamed my focus which is changing my life and my business.”

Since Monetize Your Magic, I’m much more intentional about my work, time, and making it a profitable business. More than anything, I feel like it’s given me direction and some very tangible, left brain ideas with a very heart-driven and intuitive energy. I’ve spent a lot of time in right brain world, and I needed a little more structure and a way to get my work out in to the world to start making money.

Darcy Knoblich

Darcy Knoblich

“Amy over delivers constantly and you are rewarded for stepping outside of your comfort zone and stretching to succeed.”

Before working with Amy, I would be so scared of failing (and being called a fraud or not good enough) that I wouldn’t take any action to grow my business. And as we all know, no action means no results. Since working with Amy, I’m more confident to put myself out there. I’ve stopped looking at what the experts are doing and instead am embracing my authenticity. But the biggest change is that I’m taking action! Yes, the fear is still there, but the difference is that I’m working through it and not letting it stop me.

The way Monetize Your Magic is laid out is perfect. It’s overwhelming to think about everything you have to do. MYM eliminates those feelings because each individual step is focused and totally doable. One step leads to the next and before you know it, presto, your to-do list is done, and you are well on your way to accomplishing your big picture goals.

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