Coaches! Is your practice STILL an expensive hobby?

After Years of Working with Coaches, Master Life Coach, Trainer & Coach Mentor Created THE BIG LIST of Toxic Thoughts that Block Coaches from Success


Clean out the Mind Clutter!

How to clear out the most toxic beliefs that block your success so you can make room for great money and an epic impact in your coaching biz 

Wednesday July 24 at 12pm PT (3pm ET)

Coaches! Is building a coaching practice that actually makes money harder than you thought? It was for me. It’s not your niche, or your homepage or your geographic location. You don’t need another expensive credential or another training. 

The truth is you totally can make great money while transforming life after life. But you have got to clean out the mind clutter. The number one thing keeping you from a business that makes money is your brain. You have toxic thoughts in there are blocking you from the success you dream about. And no amount of tactical business strategy will fix it.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me for this brand new no-cost NON BS training.

Here’s what you’ll learn on this content packed 90 minute teaching call:


The 5 most toxic business building beliefs I encounter in the field and how to zap them on the spot


5 toxic behaviors in your practice that keep you from success


Why, so far, it’s been “hard” to make money as a coach or a healer


The 5 crucial pieces  you need to succeed as a coach or a healer


How you can make money right away in your biz + establish a foundation for a six figure plus practice for years to come

The only reason to miss this is if you’ve got a coaching sesh.

If your business is still an “expensive hobby” and you’re working like crazy trying to reach your goals (or so overwhelmed you’re not working at all), this training is for you.

As a coach mentor and trainer I hear these toxic beliefs all the time. Most coaches don’t even know they have them! Join me to learn the top most toxic thoughts + how to zap them on the spot so you can literally clear the way for more money, more fun and an epic impact in your coaching biz.

And yes I’ll be inviting you to join me for my brand news coach mentorship program but I promise you’ll learn plenty in this call that will transform your practice for the better whether you join me or not.

… PLUS you’ll get Amy’s “BIG LIST of Toxic Thoughts” a shortcut to identifying and zapping the thoughts that are literally blocking the way to the results you dream of in your coaching practice.

About Amy

Amy Pearson, founder of Being Amy, is a master coach, writer, dream analyst, speaker and instructor who strives to make the world a better place by telling the truth … in public. No apologies. Her coaching approach is irreverent, incisive, and deeply compassionate. She calls upon an eclectic mix of modalities, including The Work, metaphor, dream analysis, and self-compassion. Amy is currently finishing up her first book, a work of creative nonfiction called Forgiving Amy. She lives in Ashland, Oregon, with her husband, three children, one dog, two cats, five chickens, and four koi.

I’m finally standing behind and honoring what I’m worth. Because of it, small victories are turning into a huge revolution.

Boni Candelario

After working with Amy I became “Terminator-like” when it comes to reaching out for help and getting what I need. I used to feel ashamed of needing help or not knowing something.

Adriane Nichols

I recognize that other people might judge me and my work, but I don’t really let it affect my actions. I notice that a lot of times, I don’t even care about the possibility of other people judging me, and in fact, I sometimes relish it! I think, “Wow, I am really brave and big right now. And it’s so cool how that person’s opinion of me doesn’t change that.” So it feels good and really powerful to be able to stand in that space. As I write it, it even makes me a little teary, because I really have a deep understanding of how much bigger my contribution to the world will be for having taken this course.

Nicole Bell