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I wrote this a few weeks ago. More is unfolding. Stay tuned.

I became aware of some things about my past that I had never known before.

There have been a lot of big emotions. Anger. Confusion. Grief.

It was the dream work that brought these life events into my awareness.

That’s the thing about shadow work, which in my mind is really just being in the vibration of COURAGE, a willingness to see things as they are, not what are ego wants them to be… it clears a lot of density.

To do shadow work you have to be willing to let in light.

You turn the light on inside your psyche.

And once the light is on, that which hides in the darkness can no longer hide.

Once it’s out in the open, it can’t be unseen. It has to be integrated. Like a piece of food in your teeth that no one told you about and you finally learn it’s there when you look in the mirror, once you see it you have to do something about it (because it can’t just keep taking up space between your teeth).

Metaphorically speaking, I’m discovering a lot of lettuce in my teeth.

Light switches are turning on in my psyche.

And I’m working on the integration process. I’m feeling the feelings. I’m being with myself. I’m opening up to people I trust around it. I’m giving myself space to be with it.

This density hiding inside me is dissolving to allow for more light.

A kind of spiritual weight loss, I suppose. (I realize I’m mixing a lot of metaphors but go with me will you?)

Anyway, that’s my report from the front lines.

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