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Yesterday I made pizza.
I went out to the garden and picked caterpillars off my veggies and fed them to the koi.
I watched four deer walking through the back yard.
I watched a movie with my family.
I hugged my children and kissed them good night.I ate some York peppermint patties.
I cleaned up the kitchen.
I put the dog to bed.
I watched some tennis before bed.
I got annoyed with my husband after he said “you aren’t much of a doubles player.”
I pet my cat.
I slept in a cozy bed listening to the wind outisde the window.
I woke up and came downstairs to meditate.
I made myself a latte.

Just me doing normal stuff. Things I do everyday. Things I take for granted. Things I think are wonderful. Things I find tedious sometimes. Things I sometimes don’t like to do.

I was listening to a podcast the other day. Sam Harris. He was asking the question, “What if today was the last time?”

What if today was the last time I ever got to do any of that…

Make a pizza.
Pick caterpillars off my veggies.
Watch a deer.
Hug my children.
Argue with my husband.
Pet my cat.
Sleep in a cozy bed.
Hear wind outside my window.

If today were the LAST TIME…

I would live that day in ABSOLUTE WONDER.
I would wrap my arms around my babies and hold them tight, smell their hair and feel their skin and bask in gratitude at their presence.
I would cherish the sight of a deer or even a caterpillar eating my broccoli.
I would swoon at the smell of oregano and the taste of romano on my tongue.
I would laugh at my husband’s analysis of my tennis game and I would hug him so hard for the gift of his existence.
I would delight in the softness of my cat’s fur and the sound of her sweet purr.
I would luxuriate in the feel of soft linen against my bare legs.
I would smile at the sound of wind rushing through leaves.

Good morning sweet friend.

What if today was the VERY LAST TIME?

Make this day wonderful.